Integrative Counselling

Welcome to Colette Counselling. My name is Colette Machard and I offer integrative counselling sessions in person, by phone or video call – across Lancashire, the UK and beyond – for individuals, couples and teams. No matter how you embrace counselling, I am here to guide you to become the best version of yourself.

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Why integrative counselling?

Integrative counselling combines a variety of therapies and techniques, and the extent to which they are used is completely tailored to you. This provides you with a variety of tools in your ‘toolkit’, empowering you to:

What is integrative counselling?

Integrative counselling combines several techniques from different areas of therapy for a holistic approach to counselling.

Throughout your sessions, we utilise elements of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), transactional analysis, cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), and hypnotherapy, alongside traditional counselling and mindfulness techniques. Find out more about my areas of expertise below and how they are used within an appointment.


Learn how counselling helps you make positive life changes.


Discover the key uses of hypnotherapy in counselling.


Explore how neuro linguistic programming is utilised.

Chronic Pain

Find out how counselling helps you manage chronic pain.

Workplace Counselling Courses

Integrative counselling is not only a useful tool for individuals. My bespoke workplace counselling courses offer a unique way to open up important conversations within your company. Ultimately, this leads to improved communication, higher levels of productivity, and lower levels of stress and illness within your business.