Workplace counselling

Workplace counselling courses are the key to building a strong workplace culture which ensures people feel valued, happy and safe within your business. My bespoke courses cover a range of topics – from stress management to the menopause – and are delivered online or in person.


Why workplace counselling?

I have no doubt that you want all your employees to be in work and taking as few sick days as possible. Not only this, you want your teams to communicate effectively in order to be their most productive.

Thanks to the benefits of counselling, my workplace courses have been proven to help employees get back to work quicker, stay in work, manage stress, get more sleep, and show up as their best selves. For those who struggle with chronic pain, disabilities and conditions, or symptoms of the menopause, workplace counselling is often the difference between them staying in work or not.

Counselling courses

At Colette Counselling, I offer professional and effective workplace counselling courses which can be delivered online or in person, across the UK and beyond. These are often used to educate managers and their teams about a variety of topics that help build better communication and healthy habits. Courses include:

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Find out how workplace counselling can help your business start important conversations and improve employee wellbeing across your organisation. Get in touch to discover more.