Chronic Pain

Integrative counselling, which utilises several different therapy techniques, is known to help those managing chronic pain, and new or existing disabilities and conditions.

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Chronic pain management

Chronic pain is defined as pain that has lasted for over 2 weeks and affects almost half of the UK population. Though the physical aspects are typically managed, the psychological side often goes untreated. And as someone who lives with various health conditions and daily chronic pain, I can personally attest to the power of hypnotherapy and integrative counselling.

In your session, we’re able to reach your body’s control room to manage the pain you’re experiencing. This can go hand in hand with managing new and existing disabilities, health conditions, and diagnoses such as cancer.

Dealing with chronic pain

Small changes can make a huge difference in ensuring chronic pain does not become too much. Due to the nature of chronic pain, these sessions are also multi-faceted so can be used for:

Start managing your pain

When we experience chronic pain, we may find it difficult to distance ourselves from the pain.

This can affect the way we communicate with ourselves and those around us. Integrative counselling empowers you to manage your pain, illness, condition or diagnoses on your own terms.