Online & In-Person Counselling

Discover more about counselling services below or get in touch for more information. Sessions can be done face to face, by video call or over the phone.


What is counselling?

No matter who you are, I believe you have the potential to be the very best version of yourself. In particular, I specialise in counselling people managing chronic pain, disabilities and new condition diagnoses, those with high-stress jobs like teaching, and women going through the menopause.

Your counselling session is built around you and, together, we utilise a mixture of techniques to make sure you achieve your desired outcomes. Techniques in our ‘toolbox’ include person-centred counselling, transactional analysis, mindfulness, CBT, NLP and hypnotherapy.

What does counselling do?

Your online or in-person counselling session provides a safe and comfortable environment to talk about things you may not usually discuss with friends or family. Counselling helps you:

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Counselling empowers you to make positive changes in your life, helping you to build confidence in yourself and communicate better with others. Counselling sessions are typically 60 minutes, with all introductory sessions gifted an extra 30-minutes free of charge to allow you to settle in.